You can rent your child's band instrument by using our RENT TO OWN program.

Payments are made monthly with the option to return the instrument at any time with no further obligation.

If you pay the balance of the contract in full withn 90 days, there will be no interest.

If you would like to purchase your child's instrument for cash you can take advantage of a substantial discount.
Credit Card, Check, Money Order or Cash.

Tuners, Metronomes, Instrument Stands, Music Stands, Instrument Cases, Recorders, Harmonicas, Shure Microphones and Rapco Cables.

We offer a Customer Protection Plan (CPP) which includes Fire and Theft insurance with no deductible as well as repair of the instrument. Parts and Labor included (internal cleaning not covered) The CPP is purchased by the month on the RENT TO OWN plan or by the year on cash sales.

If for some reason, your child is not successful on the instrument he or she has chosen, we offer an exchange option for the first 90 days. The band director must recommend the alternate instrument and the exchange is made without loss of money already paid. After 90 days, the first instrument is returned and you start over on the second instrument.


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